Uppuma with ChutneyCurried semolina with vegetables$5.50
Samosa with CholeCrisp turnover spiced with potatoes and peas (2)$5.50
Vadai (Urid)Savory lentil doughnut with Sambar and Chutney$5.50
BondaSpicy potato balls (2)$5.50
Vegetable Cutlet (2 pieces) $5.50
Milagu TawnyRasam with Papad$5.95
DalDelicious spiced lentil soup$5.95
Tanjore DoubleMini Masala Dosa (12"), Idli, Vadai, Uppuma, vegetable curry, Sambar, Chutney$13.95
Bengal BahadurBasmati rice, vegetable curry, Sambar, Raitha (yoghurt salad)$12.95
Dehli DurbarStuffed Paratha (Indian bread), Chickpeas curry, Raitha, Chutney$12.95
Punjab GloryPoori, vegetable curry, peas & rice, Papad, Raitha$13.95
À la Carte
Masala Dosa $8.95
Plain Dosa $7.95
UttapamA sort of Indian "pizza"--but spicy!$8.95
Ghee RoastStringbeans, carrots, and potato filling$8.95
Super Pancake (Adai)Made with three varieties of lentil and rice$8.95
Idli3 pieces$5.95
Extra Sambar $0.95
Pongal & GotsuSpicy vegetable sauce over rice/lentil concoction$7.95
ParathaRich, soft Indian flatbread, served hot$3.25
Paratha with Chickpeas $7.95
Poori2 pieces puffed bread, with potato$7.95
Side Orders
Basmati RiceBowl$3.95
Peas PulaoBowl$4.95
Vegetable CurriesEach, 1 bowl$8.95
1) Cauliflower with potato
2) Spinach with lentils
3) Mixed vegetables
4) Chickpeas
5) Eggplant
6) Yellow Split Dal


YogurtHome-made, 1 small bowl$2.95
YogurtHome-made, 1 large bowl$3.95
PapadCrisp lentil crackers$2.50
GheeClarified butter$1.95
SambarLentil gravy$1.95
Coconut or Hot ChutneySpicy$0.95
Mango ChutneySweet$1.95
Hot Pickle $1.95
Milagai PodiIndian chili powder$1.95
Indian ThaliRice, poori (2), curry (2), Sambar, Rasam, Papad, yoghurt, pickle, dessert$14.95
Yogi's DelightIndo-American combination bringing you chickpeas curry on a bed of beans and sprouts, topped with onions, tomatoes, cucumber, and other vegetables, plus Paratha$12.95
Queen ParuGhee, roast Dosa with curry filling, Idli (2), Sambar, coconut chutney, Raitha$13.95
Almond Halwa $5.50
Cream of Wheat Halwa $4.95
Rice Pudding $4.50
Nut CakeUnbelievably rich and sweet!$4.95
Gulab Jamun $4.95
Apple Juice $3.50
Pineapple Juice $3.50
Mango Juice $3.50
Orange Juice $3.95
Sweet LassiYoghurt drink$4.25
Salt Lassi $4.25
Carrot-Almond ShakeLight yet rich$4.25
Bombay Punch(Mango lassi)$4.25
Masala ChaiSpiced Indian tea$3.95
Regular tea $2.95
Iced Tea $2.95
Herb Tea $2.95
Madras CoffeeSpiced & sweet$3.95
Regular Coffee $2.95
Milk $2.95
Soda (canned)Coke, Sprite, or root beer$2.75
Wine & Beer
We have red and white wine and an assortment of American, European, and Indian beers, as well as O'Doul's non-alcoholic beer.

We are sorry, but Paru's is permanently closed.